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How Should I Start Investing?

Want to start investing, but do not know where and how to? Follow my step to step guide on investing and trading.       Article Map   – Drawing…

List of Side Hustles – Updated 2021

To become more financially stable, one should have more than one income stream. Often, multiple income streams are created by having side-hustles. Side hustles are projects or business ventures in…

Why Ignore Bitcoin’s Volatility?

Bitcoin’s price has gone down by 44.16% within 2 months (Coinbase, 2021). Why did that happen? When more people learned that running cryptocurrency networks consume a massive amount of electricity,…

How to Research Your Index Funds?

What is an index? An index refers to the statistical measure of change of a particular security market (Investopedia, 2021). For example, UK investors use the Financial Times Stock Exchange…

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What Can You Invest in Now?

The best and guaranteed investment available right now is yourself. We believe that developing kindness, gratitude, and being healthy is a crucial ingredient to financial success and independence. What can you start improving on today?

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Leinevests serves as a platform for anyone who wants to learn about money management and develop class habits. Not only do we produce easily understandable information regarding money management, but we also want to empower you in the process.