How Will The Community Help

Leinvests is a community where people of all levels learn and share about personal finance and personal development. Our mission is to share clear cut advice guiding our readers to achieve financial independence.

Sunny Lei

The Founder of Leinvest

Hi there! I am Sunny Lei and I’m based in Macau SAR. The idea of creating this blog came into mind when I was struggling to find a credible investment advisor other than insurance agents in Macau. It made me realise that there were no clear cut financial advice and resources in Macau and it motivated me to start Leinvests.

The name of Leinvests stems from the combination of my surname, “Lei”, and the word “invests”. I felt belonging to the name “Leinvests” and it was unique to me.

Through this blog, I hope to be able to educate anyone who aspires to become a better person and live their dream lifestyle by first being financially independent.

Why am I here?

I am here because I feel that it is an honour to wake up every day being able to share what I love about personal finance and personal development in this community. I feel fulfilled when I am able to inspire people to do things that inspire them.

I am also here because I was inspired by “Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki”, and “The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy”; both authors had enlightened me spiritually. I highly recommend both reads if you have not read yet. If you have any questions about these books, please feel free to reach out at, I am thrilled to hear what brings you here!